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10 Ways to Improve Your Recruiting Results Today

  1. Think like a Candidate. Post your open jobs where they hang out online and in-person.

  2. Create recruiting business cards. Hand them out to your team. Tell them to give one to anyone the meet or know that they want to work with at your company.

  3. Invest in a referral program. If 60% of your hires aren’t coming from referrals, there’s still room to improve. Include other people besides your employees, such as all of your networks. Offer anyone who refers someone who gets hired, an immediate reward.

  4. Do not allow your recruiting process to stall or lag waiting on one interviewer to be available to interview candidates. Skip them, replace them, but do not stall. Candidates are getting new offers every day, so best act fast.

  5. Use AI sourcing tools and Sourcing Specialists. Personally, I prefer to source passive candidates using Their platform scours the net, not just LinkedIn, for quality talent. I also hire contractors to help me fill difficult positions on a project by project basis, which saves a lot of legwork and time.

  6. Go local. Sponsor an event in your business’s city. Take an ad out in the city paper, neighborhood association newsletters, and utilize your chamber of commerce and local unemployment office.

  7. Get to know and post ads with colleges and universities nearby, or who tend to have graduates you like to hire due to their educational background.

  8. Hang banners, put sidewalk signs out, and put flyers or recruiting business cards wherever you can. You can often utilize bulletin boards in coffee shops, churches, gas stations.

  9. Create a dynamic and inviting company culture, orientation, and onboarding program. This suggestion needs its own posting due to its intricacy and importance in this process. Without effective onboarding, theres a huge risk your new hires leave in less than year. Record numbers of people are quitting their jobs and employers don’t know why. Rather than throw more money at the issue in the form of retention bonuses and benefits, create the most inviting, useful, and fun onboarding process your team can help you create.

  10. Hire a recruiting consultant to help you write and optimize ads, source, screen people, interview, and negotiate offers for you. If you need help with any of your recruiting process, message me today!



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