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What types of businesses and individual clients do you support? 

I support ethically run small-mid-sized businesses and startups who are not "perfect," but they are well on their way to being an "ideal" employer due to their openness, approach, and genuine drive to treat their people well, grow their companies organically in the right ways, and only employ leaders who will listen and take actions towards improvement.

I support all workers who come to me in good faith seeking guidance, advice, clarity, and help. I do not discriminate against anyone for any reasson.If for some reason we are not a match or I am unable to help you, I will tell you and a refund will be issued if you've pre-paid for service..

Regarding DEI...

What should we know about corporate "diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives?"

What advice would you give job-seekers who are considering employment with a company who uses their DEI program as a selling point during the recruiting phase?

I see many companies trying to do what they have been told is the right thing to do regarding DEI. Unfortunately, very few organizations are getting it right. Without proper guidance, planning, recruiting, implementation, and management, it's a waste of time, money, effort, and can cause more harm than good.


Furthermore, many corporations are putting “robust-appearing” DEI programs in place strictly for show. Their plan is to manipulate the public at large, their customers, future job candidates, and their own employees, into drinking their Kool-Aid of BS.

If you are a job seeker, make sure you are doing your research when considering working for a company who claims strong DEI initiatives. If you can easily Google their 'company name' +  'EEOC violations' and that brings up a laundry list of large payouts for a variety of discrimination cases against them, you know their "DEI and fair treatment initiatives" are a crock of shit. You'd be smart to steer clear and choose another employer, regardless of any fantastic-looking offer presented to you. 


Companies that pull the wool over employees’ eyes on this basic human-rights standpoint cannot be trusted, period, and you've got to look out for yourself, your mental health, and your happiness. The money and right opportunity will come!

How do you choose sides during HR conflicts between employer and employee? Do you always side with whoever hired you?

I'm a

 I choose the side of honesty, fairness, and directly communicated truth with my clients. I ensure whoever hired me, whether individual or company, is weIl informed, prepared, and hinkin what the other side is liking thinking. I tell it like it is. I give my client insight from the other party's likely perspective, with the goal always being to solve conflicts to my clients' satisfaction, and doing so through greater understanding of one another, options available, and affecting laws in play.


I make sure my clients understand what is in their realm of control and what isn't, then I offer ideas and solutions for achieving goals, desired outcomes, and happiness. 


I do my due diligence prior to agreeing to any kind of work, so that I ensure there are no conflicts of interest from any individual clients or represented companies. 

How do you handle confidentiality with your clients?

"I am honored to be trusted to serve in this capacity, therefore I keep every conversation and piece of information 100% confidential. All information that is to be disclosed is only done with written client pre-approval or is stated by the client to the other party themselves.

Guiding my clients through tough HR, employment and workplace issues are areas requiring strict confidentiality, and are areas I thrive in due to my exposure and understanding of both sides of Human Resources situations, people behaviors, workplace communications, and human dynamics.

Unless required by law via subpoena for me to release your confidential information, your secrets are safe with me.

What else should we know about your outlook on the working world?

I'm an advocate for the people and supportive of ethical employers. I help my clients make the best-informed business and career decisions for them personally, while remaining dedicated to ethical boundaries, the truth, and outstanding service. 

When we remember and act in way that recognizes we all want to be heard, paid well, treated fairly, given and get respect, and everyone wants to enjoy what making a living through engaging and challenging work, we can find resolution and solve more problems efficiently and cost effectively.


When we add more compassion and understanding to our hiring processes, employee management policies, available benefits, conflict resolutions, and the way terminations of loyal employees are handled, everyone wins - company leaders and employees alike, feel valued, respected, and happier on the job. 


At a minimum, my work with employees, employers, freelancers, and others, ensures these results are possible and happen as often as possible. 


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