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Your one-stop shop, Human Resources, Recruiting, and Job Search support solution.

What can we help you with?

Custom Human Resources Solutions

Chandy Tucker Consulting offers a wide range of HR consulting services to serve small and mid-sized businesses in the United States and abroad.


Do you need:

  • Small business federal, state, and local compliance support​

  • Group benefits selection or administration

  • PEO selection or implementation

  • Improved employee

  • Employee Retention

  • Leave administration

  • Employee relations support

  • Termination/layoffs

  • Employee Rewards program

  • Onboarding/New Hire Orientation

  • HR department implementation or management

  • Staff training

  • Safety training

  • Performance appraisals

  • Improved team Communications

  • Offboarding/Outplacements

  • Exit Interviews


Chandy Tucker Consulting is your on-call, go-to, one-stop shop for all things HR, recruitment, and retention for small businesses!

Job Search and Career Support with Black Sheep HR

Black Sheep HR is the up-and-coming employee support and advocacy division of CTC for individual workers and employees. We provide:

  •  job search and job application support

  • ongoing and on-call career coaching support

  • Resume optimization

  • LinkedIn optimization

  • Help drafting responses to recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers

  • Mock Interviews / interview preparation advice

  • Offer letter negotiations and compensation planning\

  • On-call advisory for employees experiencing or concerned they will be victims of Discrimination, 

  • Harassment, Retaliation, or Wrongful Termination in the workplace

  • Mediation to help solve workplace problems.

We cater to your needs, timeline, and schedule. If you've been struggling to get noticed by employers and land your dream job, we can help you get what you want.


If you've been dealing with a tough or illegal work situation, contact us. We'll give you unbiased, honest, straightforward advice.


From pre-hire to retire, you've got an expert HR partner in your corner.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Sourcing

Chandy Tucker Consulting  provides recruitment, sourcing, and employee onboarding to US businesses.

Companies who are dedicated to providing their employees with the best recruiting, onboarding, and work experiences they can offer, will gain the competitive advantage in their industry. 

Effective recruiting and onboarding is very powerful.


Therefore, we only recruit for and work with companies who are willing to invest in what it takes to hire top tier, communicative, ethical leaders and employees.  

All of our clients prioritize:

  • employee empowerment

  • equity and fair treatment

  • equity in pay and promotions

  • hiring only the best fitting talent

  • attracting talent who fall in love with working there


Contact CTC to find your best fitting talent and stop the revolving door of hiring. 

New York Office

"Life is too short and too long to make a career out of something you hate."

-Chandy Tucker

HI! I'm Chandy, the fearless Owner and a Consultant at CTC & Blacksheep HR.  I work on both sides of the fence, for employees and employers. I serve people. Organizations are made up of people, so I serve in diverse ways and always bring positive and desired results. 

Chandy Tucker Consulting is our business support division, and Blacksheep HR is the individuals-based division. Based on my HR, recruiting, and career coaching experiences, I have a vast understanding where each person or entity is coming from, so why limit support to only businesses, or only their employees? We want businesses to have the right people support they need, and we want individuals facing a daunting job search or dealing with a major HR or workplace issue to have support too.

We ensure there are no conflicts of interest and never work for the company and one of their employees at the same time. After all, we do pride ourselves on ETHICAL support, making a dollar is not the most important factor here.


This unique understanding from both perspectives, the employer and employee, allows our team to provide creative, on-call HR solutions to small businesses, better recruiting support, improvements to  job landing results, reduce friction and fear when dealing with tough workplace issues, and ultimately make the vast majority of clients extremely satisfied in their results.



PTO? Paid Benefits? More Flexibility? Casual Dress? Remote Work? Home Office Stipend? Certifications or Training? Happy Hours? Career Trajectory? The List Goes On and On!

If You Haven't Asked...

"Chandy is a super awesome HR ninja. She's easy to work with, communicates well, and she's very understanding. If you're in need of HR related assistance, don't hesitate to pick Chandy. I'll definitely be working with her again."

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